10 Big Time Greens for Cold Weather Gardens – One Green Planet

The other great thing is that, despite being ubiquitously leafy, greens have unique flavors and textures that keep the winter harvest both interesting and diverse. There are a lot of greens to choose from for cold weather gardens.

Source: 10 Big Time Greens for Cold Weather Gardens – One Green Planet


My 12 Weekly Grocery Essentials

When writing out my grocery list, there are certain essentials I buy every week that rarely change; things that I won’t leave without. My list remains consistently similar which seems inevitable when eating whole foods + plant based! but these top picks are always in my cart amongst a few other whole foods that I switch up each season. For me, it really helps to plan (aka get inspired on pinterest) write everything out and make sure I’ve eaten beforehand instead of wandering the store hungry and craving everything in sight!  Does anyone else freakishly love grocery shopping as much as

Source: My 12 Weekly Grocery Essentials