I’m a  dietary vegan, but I’m not  a fanatic. You want to eat dead animal flesh or foods made  from the lactation fluids of livestock, be my guest.  I choose to eat this way because I’m concerned about health  and I’ll be sharing  my reasons with you here. I’m not  a PETA type  although I do abhor cruelty, animal or otherwise. I’m not perfect and occasionally I’ll fall off the wagon, but I always climb back on and start over. I’m pretty much convinced that doing good for yourself and others is the path to happiness. This blog will be primarily about food. What I like to eat or like to try. I’ll post a lot of recipes, most not original although I do  cook a lot at our house and I’ll post about that. Lots of photos too. If this sounds like  something you would like, join me You’ll be welcome.


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