How to Avoid Temptation & Slay the Sugary Beast

It’s one thing to acknowledge that sugar is bad for us, but it’s another to understand just how much havoc it can wreak on our health. Yet, even armed with that knowledge, sugar is a major temptation for many of us, especially during gatherings. Dr. Michael Klaper shares his journey to “slay the sugary beast” and how you can apply these tactics the next time you’re staring down a plate of cookies or a slice of birthday cake.

Source: How to Avoid Temptation & Slay the Sugary Beast


Choose a gluten free bread if you like and instead of oil  why not saute in the same white wine you use in the soup? Make sure your wine is vegan.


This cozy Tuscan-inspired soup is the cure to your winter blues! It’s bursting with savory herbs, juicy tomatoes, hearty white beans and tender kale, then layered in bowls with crusty bread chunks. 100% vegan, totally meal-worthy, and easy enough for a weeknight!

Source: Ribollita