5-Ingredient Vegetarian Fish Sauce | Minimalist Baker Recipes

Need a plant-based substitute for fish sauce? This is it! Just 5 ingredients required, ready in less than 30 minutes, and perfectly salty and tangy.

Source: 5-Ingredient Vegetarian Fish Sauce | Minimalist Baker Recipes


Meatless Brown Rice Jambalaya – Meatless Monday

Lose the oil and saute’ veggies in water or broth.


Here’s a vegan take on a southern classic. This brown rice jambalaya gets a Tex-Mex-inspired flavor from an assortment of spices, including paprika, cayenne and cumin. Black-eye peas and collard greens add both texture and nutrients to the dish that makes for a filling and dinner. Maybe best of all, this recipe serves six, which

Source: Meatless Brown Rice Jambalaya – Meatless Monday