Crispy Turmeric Tofu Nuggets [Vegan] – One Green Planet

All that’s between you and these tofu nuggets are a few ingredients!

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Tofu Scramble Recipe (Southwestern)

Tofu Scramble With Southwestern Flavors – This is a quick vegan breakfast recipe full of flavors and nutrition. The southwestern flavors in this scrambled tofu recipe are the perfect way to start the day This post was originally sponsored by BJS Wholesale Club.  All opinions are my own.Tofu can be bland, but, if you prepare it with the right spices, it can be lip-smackingly good! I like my tofu mixed with all kinds of spices. I have marinated it in Indian spices and in Mexican salsa! You know how much I love both those cuisines! They are my top go-to

Source: Tofu Scramble Recipe (Southwestern)