Vegan Green Grits | Vegan Miam

These Vegan Green Grits are inspired by the wonderfully vegan-friendly Sevananda Natural Foods Market Co-op in Atlanta, where they dub their spirulina hued grits ‘Martian Cheeze Grits’. With just a dash of spirulina you can give your grits a pleasant earthiness and a unique color. Spirulina can be nutritious and, in moderation, delicious. Get a bit heavy handed with the spirulina though and it can easily overpower a dish. At Sevananda we love pairing their green grits with freshly prepared biscuits and ‘soysage’. At home we often enjoy these Vegan Green Grits with home-fries, mushrooms, greens or any variety of […]

Source: Vegan Green Grits | Vegan Miam


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