Creamy Butternut Bisque – Hell Yeah It’s Vegan!

If you live in the northern United States (and probably some other places, too), you likely already know a half-dozen different ways to whip up a delicious butternut squash soup. But when winter squash is so cheap and abundant, and soup weather stretches on for nearly six months, it’s always a good idea to have one more up your sleeve. This super simple bisque is creamy and comforting and mellow enough for picky palates. So often these days, blogging about food just feels like the most offensively irrelevant activity. Every now and then I show up here to post some recipe I’ve been enjoying, and then I read the news — local, national, or international — and lose my appetite. It feels so unbelievably pointless, not to mention insensitive, to be out on the Internet vying for page views when  tragedy is in the headlines (or, too, when it’s deafeningly absent from them). Still, we all need to continue eating, irrespective of institutionalized oppression and blowback and the everyday horrors of factory farms, right? So instead of crawling under a rock yet again and hoping the world will be less horrible the next time I stick my head out (–it definitely […]

Source: Creamy Butternut Bisque – Hell Yeah It’s Vegan!


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