Vegan in “Cattle Country”… My Vegan Story

sarah louise AF

Happy Sunday friends! I hope everyone is having a fantastic day. Have I ever told my vegan story on my blog? Forgive me if I have, for I know many of you have heard bits and pieces before. These past few months I have been studying business, trying to make my fledgling vegan bakery Blue Rose Vegan a reality, and this has caused a lot of reflection and growth along the way. As I think about the ethics of my business and how I really even got started, I keep coming back to why I went vegan. The ethics, the animals, how it all just makes so much sense, and if I can help a few others “get it” too, then this will have all been worth it. So, I’ve paraphrased my vegan story in hopes of hearing some of yours too!

Growing up in rural Alberta for the most…

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