Baked Stuffed Pasta

Ann Arbor Vegan Kitchen

Baked Stuffed Pasta

Every year, long before the holidays approach, I picture endless hours of leisurely family fun. Yet I’m somehow always surprised that our holiday season seems at least as rushed and over-scheduled as it is relaxing.

This Baked Stuffed Pasta recipeis the hero of this tale, because it’s elegant and impressive, yet deceptively easy to prepare on a very busy day. It’s perfect for a holiday celebration, when time is scarce, expectations high, and a few shortcuts welcome. With just five ingredients, each one can be prepared in advance.

Instead of cheese, these pasta shells are stuffed with a delicious and creamy mashed potato and spinach filling. Smothered in a zesty red sauce, the shells are then oven-baked until piping hot.

I like to prepare a large batch of spicy marinara well ahead of time, adding grilled bell peppers, zucchini, and sweet onions. I blend the sauce until almost smooth…

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