Summer Fruit: Cherry-Almond Loaf | Nigella’s Cherry-Almond Loaf Cake

Sugar, Spice, Etc

The ingredient I am working with this week is cherries. And since I love baking, the first recipe post for this week is a cherry and almond loaf cake, from  Nigella Lawson. The recipe is simple and uncomplicated and calls for candied glacè cherries.

I have eaten lots of glacè cherries as a child- there used to be a bakery near my grandmother’s house that sold them in little sachets, and I’d sometimes pick them up on the way back from my math tutor’s house and eat them in secret. Sometimes, to the point of being sick. They are pretty wonderful. BUT since I bought desi cherries, I had to make do.

The cherries were sweet, but not sweet enough for my liking- so I decided to let them macerate in a some sugar and lemon juice for a bit. I always wondered what ‘macerate’ meant…I mean, it sounds like a…

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