Whole Grain Corn Muffins | Forks Over Knives

The perfect addition to a piping hot bowl of Red Lentil Chili is lightly sweetened whole grain corn muffins. Easier to serve and eat than cornbread, these tasty vegan muffins were built to please a crowd.

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Cranberry Orange Vegan Pumpkin Muffins Recipe

These little cranberry orange vegan pumpkin muffins are moist and delicious, not too sweet & reminiscent of the cranberry orange bread my Mom used to make.

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Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Muffins | Forks Over Knives

These vegan chocolate chip pumpkin muffins are great for a crowd and so delicious. Pumpkin puree and mashed banana add enough natural sweetness that you only need a little bit of added sweetener (maple syrup) and vegan chocolate chips to make a truly decadent-tasting muffin. These are a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.

Source: Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Muffins | Forks Over Knives