Chocolate Edensoy Soymilk Review & Giveaway Announcement

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On my trip to the Eden Store, I purchased 3 different kinds of their soy milks. I am really impressed by the way that they make their soy milk, and they are the ONLY company whose soy milks I will even purchase. They do not use the toxic chemical hexane to process their soy milk with, as all other companies (to my knowledge) do. They also use an older method that takes more time to make their soy milks with, which is what proves to me that they truly care about their consumers, and the end result of their products. That’s very hard to find in a business, in today’s day and age!


The Chocolate Edensoy has a very distinct flavor to it, that sets it apart from all other chocolate soy milks on the market (or at least from the others that I had purchased…

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Raw Carrot Spice Cake with Cashew Creme Frosting

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The only downfall with this Raw Carrot Cake, is that you dont get to fill your house with the wonderful aroma of it baking. The good news, is, you dont heat up the house cooking it either.

Recently I had a craving for carrot cake. Nothing too sweet, but full of spicy flavour.
I decided to try a raw version to see what I could come up with.

The ingredients were easy, lots of grated carrot and lots of spices.

Other than the dates and apple, I did not add any sweetener, but if you would like it a little sweeter, you could add some agave or stevia to taste. I am more a salty and savory person. A bag of potato chips doesnt stand a chance around me. I will eat the whole bag (regardless of size) in one sitting.

This is perfect for the summer as it is…

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Product Review: Tasty Bite

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Tasty BiteLaunched in 1995, Tasty Bite specializes in Indian and pan-Asian cuisine, offering convenient meals which require no cooking or refrigeration, and contain no preservatives. According to their website, Tasty Bite plays an active role in their community, providing food for disaster relief and scholarships for the children of their factory workers. In addition, 80% of the energy used in Tasty Bite’s factory comes from renewable resources.

Tasty Bite offers 27 different products (as of this posting), which are free of animal ingredients. Ranging in size from 8.8-10 ounces, each pouch can be heated and ready to eat in 90 seconds or less. Having been given the opportunity to try six of these products, below you will find a review for each.

Ginger Lentil Rice and Kung Pao Noodles

Ginger Lentil Rice

A “ginger-flavored long grain rice tossed with brown lentils and red peppers,” this Ginger Lentil Rice (pictured above left) is flavored just enough so as not to create…

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